The invasive weed called phragmites was put on the Nebraska Noxious Weed list six years ago. Since that time it has become very prevalent in South Central Nebraska. We need your help in reporting to us any sightings that you may have had so that we may chemically treat it. This invasive perennial is found most generally along the river, around ponds, along creeks, CRP acres, and in the bottom of sub-irrigated ravines and road ditches. The plant spreads not only by seed, but is rihzominous and can spread tenfold in a single season. It has no forage value to livestock or to wildlife. With phragmites being declared as a noxious weed, it is required that landowners control and eradicate it. However, if you feel you may have an infestation, large or small, please report it to your county weed superintendent for treatment. Don’t let it go, as its thick mass will choke out all other palatable vegetation. It can be easily identified with its fluffy seed head identical to pampas grass or shatter cane. The Twin Valley Weed Management Area has been receiving grant funding the past six years from the Nebraska Environmental Trust to combat this invader along the Republican River with excellent success. However, this work will be all in vain if we do not treat the source of the problem upstream in our tributaries and ravines.

Pictured above is Furnas County Weed Superintendent Todd Weverka chemically treating phragmites in the Republican River Channel.

Group viewing phragmites on Turkey Creek north of Naponee, NE. Franklin County Weed Superintendent Mark Goebel
Bud Collison standing in infestation found in ravine south of Inavale Bud Collison examines the seed head of the plant.
Once again, get it reported to us this year and it will be treated FREE OF CHARGE if your property is within the TVWMA, which includes Fillmore, Thayer, Nuckolls, Clay, Adams, Webster, Franklin, Kearney, Harlan and Furnas counties. If you have a tenant overseeing your property, please notify them of this service. After that it will be the landowner’s financial responsibility. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.