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Grant Awards

Many of our projects are funded by grants. Below are some of the grants we have been awarded since we have been established.

The Twin Valley Weed Management Area (TVWMA) continues to be involved in controlling invasive and noxious vegetation in the Republican River Basin from Cambridge to the Kansas Nebraska line, and the Little Blue River Basin from Kearney County to Thayer County.

In 2004, meetings started with Congressman Osborne and his staff to address noxious and invasive species in the Republican River Basin.  Congressman Osborne and TVWMA members felt that control of invading vegetation on the Republican River, its tributaries, and Harlan Dam would help our water situation in the state.  It also would address our water agreement with Kansas.  The consumptive species of concern were Salt Cedar, Phragmities, and Russian Olive.  Congressman Osborne identified federal and state grant funding sources for TVWMA.  TVWMA didn’t receive one large grant, but was successful at receiving three other grants.

In August 2005 grant monies and additional funds from the Army Corp of Engineers totaling $125,000 were used to treat 640 acres of Salt Cedar on Harlan County Dam.  These acres were sprayed by a helicopter contracted by TVWMA.  Additional acres were sprayed by TVWMA weed control superintendents on the dam, and on the Republican River.

In 2006, TVWMA met with Senator Tom Carlson addressing the same water issues that have a considerable economic impact on his district and the state.  As a result of this meeting and others Senator Carlson submitted LB 458 as his priority bill to the Nebraska State Legislature.  TVWMA and Nebraska Weed Control Association testified before the Natural Resources Committee in favor of the bill.  The bill has been amended and combined with LB 701 to create a comprehensive bill on state water policy with emphasis on fully appropriated and over appropriated areas.  Part of this bill recognizes the importance of controlling noxious and invasive vegetation as part of the answer to Nebraska’s water problems.  Invasive and native vegetation now occupy much of the Republican River bed, inhibiting stream flow by consumptive water use and excessive sedimentation.

In 2007, TVWMA was the recipent of a $750,000 grant and received a second grant in 2008 for $501,000.

This past year in 2010, a grant was submitted to the Nebraska Environmental Trust for $645,000 and was approved. A portion of these funds were also matched with funds from the Cooperative Conservation Partnership Iniatives admistered by NRCS in the amount of $276,500. These funds were used for tree and brush removal along the perimeter of the river.

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